We are a practice of accredited psychologists and psychotherapists offering therapy to adults and children with varying psychological concerns. Mostly we offer individual therapy; we also provide couples, family or group therapy and psychological testing and evaluation.

Concerns we address may include:

– gloominess or depression,

– irrational fears, anxiety,

– obsessions, compulsions,

– eating problems

– sleeping problems

– dissociation

– problematic grief

– insecurity, low self-esteem

– complaints related to one or more traumatic events

– physical complaints, possibly influenced by certain beliefs, fears or behaviour

– problems concerning durable and meaningful relationships with (certain) others

– problems in contacts with others, constant conflicts, problems concerning social skills

– problems dealing with emotions


If you wish to book an appointment or if you have any further questions about our practice, please contact us via secure message located on our front page. If necessary it is also possible to contact us via telephone number 0172-233486. When booking an appointment we try to make an initial assessment if our expertise is fitting for the problems or complaints from which you are seeking relief. If this isn’t the case we will try to provide you with a recommendation for another practice or advice you to consult your general practitioner about alternatives.

During the first appointment our therapist will discuss your complaints, problems and wishes with you and determine which treatment will benefit you most. When you’re in agreement with this plan, treatment usually commences shortly after the assessment appointments.


In 2023 we have contracts with most of the Dutch Health Insurance companies. When insured at one of these companies, the treatment costs are covered with exception of the own risk fee.

We do not have contracts with Menzis or CZ and companies related to them. When we don’t have a contract with your Health Insurance company you’ll receive the bill for treatment. Please consult your Health Insurance company about reimbursement when this is the case. Our treatment fees are in accordance with currently established fees by the NZA (Nederlandse Zorg Autoriteit).

To be eligible for reimbursement of treatment costs, you will need a referral for treatment from your general practitioner, another doctor or another Mental Health psychologist (Gezondheidszorgpsycholoog).

Our current waiting time for individual therapy when referred to ‘generalistische Basis GGZ (BGGZ)’ is about 13 – 15 weeks.

The waiting time for ‘gespecialiseerde GGZ (SGGZ/GGGZ)’ and for couples or family therapy is more than 10 months. When referred for this type of treatment, we advise you to contact other practices about their possibilities.


If you get in touch with us, we will try to reply as soon as possible. This may be a next (work)day, as we are mostly busy with our clients. In the case of an emergency, we advise you to get in touch with your general practitioner (huisarts), unless you have made other arrangements with your therapist.

Praktijk MOOD is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number: 58029540